Stop, please.

Stop guys, this isnt fun anymore. Everyone is crying because of the clash being cancelled, and once again discharging all their anger in Riot. Its their fault? YES, but they are humans. Stop being childish. People are always complain of riot these days, and thats because riot has been pampering us, and thats what happen when a company pamper us, we start complaining without any good reason, abusing of their respect, good actitude and tolerance. There is something called empathy, and people are failling in that aspect. Lets suppose that you are a riot engineer, and you are working on clash project for 6 months, u did your best, u thinked it would finnaly work, so, u release it. But in the final moment something didnt work(u even tried to solve it until the last 10 minutes), something that u didnt expect happened. How would you feel? You, the man that is responsible for all that, what would u feel? And then u go apologyze for all u made, and the only thing u get are alot of mean comments of people that cant even TRY to understand your side. Even with all that, i didnt see riot stop answering all our questions in their forum post, nor did i see they losing the posture. And thats for you, the classic jerk with no arguments that just come and say "riot fanboy, you go protect them in every mistake?": Just go out. I dont know why u are even reading until this point. I dont need an answer of someone who refuse to accept when he is wrong. I dont care what you all think, but in my opinion its kinda obvious that riot is a dedicated company, that, even not hearing EVERY SINGLE wish of community, they try to attend all those who dont disturb their plans. Im 99% shure that riot is trying their best to fix clash, so, good luck, i believe in u. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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