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Good night EU, Im popping up once more, and it´s because I just read the latest /Ask Riot. Yeah Im late, but better late than never right? ___ >We’ve talked a lot about what Announcers might look like in League of Legends since we know players are interested in them. We’ve experimented with different Announcers through the years during various events like Star Guardian or Bilgewater, and the reaction from players was mixed. >There’s a couple of obstacles we have to tackle before making Announcers permanent. Right now we’re exploring more region by region Announcers with MSI, but we still have some work to do to understand the appetite for this product worldwide before we invest in the infrastructure required to make it permanent. >That said, we will be doing more tests this year, so stay tuned for that and let us know what you think! ___ I´d like to interrupt right on the topic of mixed reactions. People like it when new annoucers show up, it keeps the game fresh and new in a different aspect. The annoucer has to sound epic, they have to resonate with the entire player base without sounding cringy, boring, lame, etc. And here is where I think the mixed reactions appeared. The first ever special annoucer we received was Gangplank for the Bilgewater event. Now, if you never heard Gangplank as an announcer, click on the video, hear some of it (or the whole thing, your choice) and come back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1DUrbtIxjo Now, if you were lucky enough to play during GP´s (Gangplank´s) announcer days, you felt his presence in the air. Raw power from his voice gave you chills made ye feel like a "salty sea dawg". In the video, around the 11:30 mark, you would hear the very first words when starting a game. Every time you heard the first words come out of Gangplank you felt the moment, you lived the moment, you where trapped inside the universe. And if you didn´t because you turned off GP´s voice and kept the classic annoucer then... I have no idea why you still live matey (just kidding). Obviously not everyone felt like a pirate or the moment but the majority did... If you remembered all the board threads talking about it in NA and here in the EU boards. However, this incredible response from the community was not the same for the StarGuardian event. If you dont remember Ahri´s voicelines as the annoucer, here is the link. Hear a few lines and come back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxObxB68Ny4 Now here´s why I believe this annoucer received mixed reactions. "Like this announcer was totes amazing like you know it as like super sugoi desune you know? like I totes felt the power of friendship and the stars and like totally!!". While it was funny at first, it got annoying incredibly fast "totes lame sauce" (totes is a preppy abreviation of the word totally, pronounced as _toats_. While the usual lines like "pentakill","dominating", "triple kill", "executed", "turret destroyed" and all that was fine, the rest of the lines were incredibly cringy, sometimes too much on the nose. Rather than making it fun it almost felt like you were moking or ridiculing this manner of speech and the people that speak like this; just like the Uganada knuckles meme of impersonating an accent "Where are you running!", "do you know the way!", it´s fun at first and even educational if you study phonetics (in order to achieve an accent, you first have to impersonate; there is a reason dialect coaches exist for acting), but it can get annoying and even offensive (sterotyping). While these points are somewhat important from my perspective, I think the primary reason was that not many people could feel attached or grounded. The annoucer, while over looked entirely, it is a crucial element to the game, and when the annoucer speaks like this "that was totes amaze-balls", you dont really feel grounded to the game it just feels like Rachel MacAdams from _Mean Girls_ playing as Regina George is speaking into the microphone. I didnt feel like I was in the StarGuardian Universe. I even tried to imagine that I was in the Disney Channel series _Totally Spies_ and even that didnt work. The annoucer was a stereotype. And while you can argue that Gangplank´s voice lines were also a stereotype, it made us feel as part of the universe. Speaking "pirate like" is a dialect, while speaking preppy like isnt. Not to mention the negative connotations of being a bratty preppy like person "totes annoying like like... I can´t even right now!". I believe that if Riot took a bit more time with the annoucers, making them more grounded and relatable to players, they might succeed. However, if Riot sticks to a very small selective group that might please them but annoy the rest to the point of needing to turn off the special annoucer, they wont succeed. I believe Riot should start with the basics, and by basics I mean annoucers for events like The Harrowing, Snowdown and the Lunar Revel. Not for the special gamemode, but for all game modes. How a ghostly spooky annoucer during the Harrowing; have a Santa Claus like announcer for Snowdown, and something for The Lunar Revel (hopefully not a stereotypical chinese accent). Start with something small, and test to see if it works. There is no need to make a once in a life time annoucer that you will never use again (_cough cough_ Gangplank _cough cough_). ___ Anyway, this was just a quick thought on the subject. You dont have to agree or disagree, Im just letting my opinion out. Hopefully Riot will see this as feedback (fingers crossed). Anyway, that´s all from me tonight. I might show up later again, who knows. See you all later, good night! https://i.imgur.com/rN4zB2a.gif
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