Perma banned for flaming premade as a joke

I dont own a microphone so it is a bit hard for me to keep exiting league to type in discord so i instead type in league chat. Yesterday me and my friend were duoing and i told him no to ban my zed and he did so i said a few bad words to my premade but it was all a joke and we laughed it off. The game went on i died first blood my friend told me i was boosted so i responded in a toxic way (again as a joke) and after the game our orianna thought i was talking bad about her so she reported me. Before the perma ban i have been banned once in 14 days and then instantly got perma banned. I dont think i should be perma banned on my second ban, it should be 3rd or 4th. I have spent alot of money and time (8 years) on this game and i get perma banned on my second ban? The same day i got around 10 honors and the chat log was from one game. This ban i believe should be removed and i deeply apoligize to the orianna because i didnt mean the words i said to her. Also most the words in chat log werent even swear words or rude. The words i used that were "bad" were %%%%% and %%%% and those were to my premade friend who i know irl as a joke. Thank you for reading and i hope i get unbanned! <3 Edit: I have reached out to the person that reported me and gave me the perma ban and apologized and they copareted and they sent riot an email about taking back the report and unbanning me. I hope this works and they unban me. I am truly sorry xBangtanGirlx.
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