URF vs DRAVEN (vs the community)

I say this in expectation of URF NOT RETURNING on April 2nd or something like that: I think the Major problem is NOT that the gamemode is all about DRAVEN. Of course it is because of the URFpectations of a funny gamemode. The problem is: DRAVENs Day is not a gamemode or anything. It truly is funny, i laughed alot reading all this DRAVEN stuff in the forums and the news stuff about DRAVEN and there is alot of love behind it, also it fits the ~~oversized ego champ~~ **best champ in League** very good. DRAVEN minions are hilarious and the first time you go ingame you sure (maybe, maybe not) laugh about the DRAVEN heads. But well... that's it. That's already all about it. I love {{champion:119}} stuff, BUT this is just funny 1 game or 2. Really. BUT IT IS NOT URF. I know Rito complained about URF coming back twice this year but that won't be such a major event as April 1st URF. You know? When everyone stays awake at night to be the first who plays Sona full AP or shroom all the map or perma dunk or perma DRAVEN or anything supercool like that. For 2 weeks everyone was super excited about URF and hyped and played and IT WAS JUST THE BIGGEST FUN EVER! If you make something this great 2 years in a row, the second time trying to be even more URFier then the first time, THEN YOU CAN'T F*CKING STOP THAT COOL SHIT! Even if it will come back multiple times in Rotating Queue, it won't be the same. Of course, the first time it's like "OMG this is hella the best thing lets go all URFFFFFF!!!11" but when it comes out the 5th time or somethign it's like. "Hey, wanna play Urf? - Hm, k, why not, it's fun." because it's not the event URF. Imagine doing this with Christmas: Christmas is best time of year right? Ok so we just deal like that: We remove Christmas from December, stop sell christmas food and cookies and trees and calendars, BUT we will give you a little bit of christmas 3 times a year, but only a weekend, not a month. WOULD YOU BE SATISFIED? HELLA NO! Because it just ruins the tradition, the hype, THE EXCITEMENT ABOUT ~~CHRISTMAS~~ _**MOTHERF*CKING URF**_! So please, notice, that the DRAVEN Day is a nice feature, BUT ONLY A FEATURE. It is no gamemode. **It would be awesome ** if every URF game that we play has DRAVEN Minions (cuz it's really funny) and every game one champ will wear the mask of DRAVEN. You never know who it hits but everyone can get a DRAVEN, or something like that. Combine the DRAVEN feature with URF and everyone is happy. Or just bring URF that'd be great. tl;dr: DRAVEN is cool but not URF. URF is only that epic as an event that takes place 1 time a year, not several times for a short time without all that hype. Combine URF and DRAVEN then it's the best thing in the world.
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