So what do we get?

I am not usually the one to jump on this band-wagon, as I tend to think issues are handled fairly well. Even when the servers are taken offline, it at least feels as if some work is being done, and they are usually back up within 12 hours. The current situation however, is just utterly disgusting. Being prevented from playing the game by having a 10-man disconnect and then being trapped their for two hours whilst the game resets. It is appalling. The worst part of this whole scenario is that the current word states that they have no idea what is wrong with the servers. I am not asking for an RP compensation for the players, but something. I don't think a 5-win IP boost will cut it for people who get out of one ghost game and then are put straight into another. I myself have only been in one ghost game, and I can tell you that even that was incredibly frustrating. I hope some actual reward is given out as this issue is simply too destructive to go without. Thankyou -For those who will state "It's just your internet, I haven't had the issue" - -Also, NA have not received RP for server issues since season 1 if I remember correctly.
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