It's just a rant bro

I am sick and tired of games in Silver {{item:3070}} This elo is a %%%%ing joke! And I am not talking about the players. They have every right to play however they want, and win and lose as much as they can. I am perfectly fine with this. What I am most upset about, is smurfing. I am getting smurfs every other game in my elo. Do you have any idea how fun it is, to be absolutely irrelevant to the outcome? You cannot decide your fate. The last game, it was between our jungle smurf and the opponent support ziggs smurf. That was the game. You know why I lost it? Why did the system think it is perfectly fine to lose it? Because our adc, was Silver 4, and the poor guy could not play. What should I say to him? Should I blame him? "omG noOb LeArn to pLay" "RepOrt my AdC". NO! This guy was playing where he was supposed to play. Unlike the other two smurfs, who were %%%%ing around. Ther%%%% a normal draft, a normal blind, an ARAM. But no! They just have to come and queue with worse players, for what? Hey, if you like us so much, how about we instead smurf in Diamond or Platinum? Would you like a Silver smurf in your games? Then why the %%%% would I like a %%%%inum smurf in mine? Do I think they are bad people? No. Of course, they are not. Most smurfs, the majority, are great guys. First of all, they won't flame. If something happens, they always blame themselves first, even if you have done at least 10 times the mistakes they did. They never give up. If you ask them, they will give you advice, all in all, they are the ideal teammates. But this doesn't mean, they don't destroy the experience of Ranked. You do not play with or against equals. I feel like we are fighting with sticks, while the chosen few have nuclear weapons. Every effort of genuinely becoming better becomes irrelevant. Farm, map awareness, trading, objectives... yea, good luck with that buddy. If you are not way, WAY higher from where you are to make a difference, like at least two Ranks up, all these are for nothing. I am not asking for players to not smurf starting from tomorrow. They may have their reasons to do so (Actually, they don't give a damn about what an angry stranger on the internet thinks). But it's a bad experience for the rest of us to queue up in fear. In agony of what kind of teams you will get. It's like betting. You will either play with the winner or the loser. If it was rewarding for you to get to Diamond, or to get to Platinum, it is rewarding for others to get to Silver, to get to Gold. Just because you think it's a trash elo - and you have every right to think like that - it doesn't mean it's of 0 value to the rest of us. Challengers think Diamond is trash. Professionals think Challenger is trash. Sometimes it's purely subjective. I think Riot should create a Ranked mode free of smurfs. League is an old game. There are people that know this game too well. And in time, even more will become better. And yet, players should truly enjoy their games, in EVERY elo, not just in Challenger. They should feel they have an impact and feel genuinely rewarded. To actually own your wins or defeats. And say with confidence "I am bad, I am good" or whatever you feel like to say. Is it too much to ask? Am I a bad guy thinking like that? Am I a bad person for wanting to achieve anything at all, even if that is _only a game_? Am I taking this too seriously or too far? Do I have to go and ask people to duo BOOST me, just so I can have a chance against the opponent potential 'boosters' or whatever you like to name them? But then, how do I know which of these wins I deserve and which I don't? (I'm pretty sure I won't deserve any of these) I feel so sad that - how to explain it: It's like I feel I need to move forward, but the only way to do so is by cheating. The lowest of ways to accomplish anything. But then... what would be the point in that. Should you just say "I give up - I throw years in the trashcan - whatever - and I'll pretend this never happened". Should you cheat and justify it to yourself, "hey it's not a big deal - hey I deserve it anyway, the system is a big mess". But how will you know you deserved it. It will always be speculation. Riot I feel like I need a mode free of smurfs. Something you can only have in one account per player. This thing - it's too much. If you don't care about lower Ranks, go ahead and say it. Say "lower Ranks are irrelevant, do whatever you like folks". So I can at least stop caring so much about it. P.s. I had a thought. Imagine for Riot to actually do all that, and create a solo, one per player, pure, honest ranked mode. And then finally, when it's time to get my rightful rank, it will be the exact same I have now UwU P.s. 2 If anyone writes "_complains about smurfs from his smurf account_" - just STFU! Who do you think you are to judge me?! Kiddo? I'll do whatever I want {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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