I really want to apologize to my team from my last game

99% of you won't give a single shit about this thread and the people it's aimed at are probably never gonna see it, but I just feel like getting this off my chest, cause it'll make me feel better. If the dudes with the summoner names Kheyls, Aeroxis Trolaso, Krusedullehår and manzRAGNAR are reading this - I'm really sorry I inted in your last game as Nunu top. The reason why I'm posting this is cause you guys were actually insanely cool and positive throughout the entire game and you managed to have fun. You also kept telling me to get help IRL and while my real life is fine, there are many players out there who would benefit from people with your attitude. The thing is, while my real life is good, my League addiction is really bad. I'm late to work cause of it, I barely play any other games because of it, I ignore my friends because of it. And I hate it. I hate every last second of playing League. I haven't had fun here for like 2 years. This game is just a plain nightmare every time I open it. But I'm addicted. I have no other accounts and I know that now that this one is permabanned, I probably won't touch League again. I'm very ready for this thread getting buried in downvotes, but I just wanted to wish you lads the best and say sorry once again. I know it means jack %%%%ing shit to you, but saying sorry really does make me feel better.
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