League of Legends manager simulator game - need help with survey for entrepeneurship course!

League of Legends manager simulator
Welcome to the survey. Many thanks in advance for finding the time to help me with my school paper. To create some more insight in who the potential customer might be, we'd like to get to know you a little bit.
Hello guys and girls of the league of legends community! I'm currently enrolled in a entrepeneurship course at my university. In this course I try to research if a product or service can fill a need in a market. Having played many manager simulator games like FIFA's career mode or Football manager, I was kind of surprised there isn't a good League of Legends manager simulator game. As League is my favourite game to play (rocking it since season 2), I'd love to explore the reason why this isn't already a thing. That's why I chose this subject for my project, to see if there is a need in the market. I was wondering if you guys could fill in a small survey (10 questions) to help me out with this course and see if there is interest in such a game! Here is the link for the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BD8VQVM Thanks in advance and see you on the rift IONOXX
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