My Reflections - Thoughts - Feelings on League and where it's heading. (For Riot Employees/Staff)

The future direction of the game "League of Legends" Be warned, this is a lot of text, much of it makes no sense and It's probably not worth your time reading. But I feel like I owe atleast this to the community and to the developers and staff, to share my thoughts and why I think I will quit playing League this season. Okay, let me just start off with that I've been enjoying this game for MULTIPLE years on different accounts and different servers and it has helped me get my mind off my life when things weren't going all too well. I thank you for this experience and I cherrish it deeply but, I am not sure where League is going now and furthermore I am not sure that I like it. I don't know why I'm writing this, don't know if anyone will see or even read this. But I guess I'll explain how/why I feel the way I do. I have absolutely no issues with how you wanna change up dragons and make the map more dynamic. Every year you make some great change and it always grows on people. Eventually, with time and some alternations (nerf/buff etc.) we all come to love these changes and forget what once was. But, the map isn't everything. My main concern is regarding the newer rendition of champions. I feel like each new champion has to be GREATER and WIERDER and just MORE. Lot's and lot's of more. And the new champions kinda kill the joy for me. Champs like, Akali - Qiyana - Aphelios. They're just a bit too much. Like look at how a champ like Mundo or Renekton or Tryndamere works (for example) It's straight forward. Each ability has it's thing and it takes at most 5 minutes to fully grasp how the champion works and it's abilities. But the newest champions, man. You need to read their abilities, try it out, read them again and over and over but you STILL won't grasp it. And I'm sure that some people think this is great and they like the fresh and new things coming to League. But I feel like you have kind of forgotten about one group here. Those who just enjoy the game for what it is. The basic style, those who have been with you through ups and downs and like the GAME that is League of Legends and not ONLY wanting to win. For me I don't care about winning or losing. From start to end of the game, I enjoy every last bit. Because I like the game. All of it. But, as I said before. All these new champs and their crazy mechanics and game-breaking, new-meta abilities.. It's just too much... And I'm not sure that I do enjoy it anymore... I feel like when I play a game with Akali, Qiyana and Aphelios. It's not a game anymore, not for me. I just wanna finish it and get it over with. They just kill all the joy for me. And I might sound harsh, and I don't mean to offend or over-criticize anyone. I guess I'm just a guy who like "the good old days" (Which for me just ended about a month ago). And I must say, once again. That I don't know why I'm writing this... Maybe it's just me wanting to ventilate some feelings. Because it does suck that I don't enjoy this game anymore. It really does, I want to enjoy it. But I just can't. And that does make me a little sad. And I know you can't change the champions or remove them or anything. So I don't really have a true purpose with this. I just hope I might give some food for thought and perhaps some of the things I said will go with you in the future of developing this game. And also it's the amount of toxic people, but I've learned to deal with that. Competetive games always draw out toxicness. And a game like League where a single bad play can turn everything around, it's going to bring out the worst of people. Only because they care so much. And I think you should kind of see it as a way of flattering. That all the toxicness and people getting mad because of poor performance. It's because they REALLY love this game and they want it to go so well. They REALLY care. So I have stopped trying to tell them off or make them change themselves. I try to just maintain a positive and helpfull mentality. But that has also been harder for the last 2 weeks or so. I sense that a bit of my frustration and sadness that I don't enjoy League as much get's taken out on others in my games. And that makes me dislike league more in some backwards way. Because I don't like that I don't like the game. And me not liking the game but trying to force myself to like it just makes me frustrated and eventually, for everyone, it's going to boil over. But anyways. I think I'm done ventilating. And I do apologize greatly for those of you who have chosen to read through this entire thing. Alas, my rant has come to an end. And I say goodbye, but I know I will play some here and there so I will be back. But, I'm sad it all turned out this way. And yet again, thank you for these amazing years. I've never doubted League (Until now, that is) and never disliked anything. Much thanks and much love to the community, the players, developers and all others who might read this and I hope this game lives on forever! //ILilCookie - EUW
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