blue essence

so since the new currency update i've been thinking to myself that its seems like its much harder to amass enough for the things i want, not sure if its just due to the fact i don't have a lot of time to sink into playing all the time or the fact when you finally get that level up capsule more often than not you get a less then worth while amount of essence even after you disenchant the skins you may have got, the prices have also been raised on most craftables in the game which kinda puts me off playing the game, it starts to feel like a grind as a posed to playing for the fun and getting more champions and maybe even skins from just playing games and getting ip from just the games you play, my point of this is can we expect to see any change in prices or more ample disenchant prices in the future? P.S i get that new features of a game can be awkward or frustrating to get used to i just feel like the whole process is a bit of a grind now.{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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