Permanently banned accounts (Possible solution)

Hello, I've written a couple of thousand words regarding this topic already, but this is the first time I am addressing the community rather than Player Support Specialists. After talking to a couple of Player Support Specialists regarding my permanently banned account I've received no different answer from any of them until I met someone that goes by the name of "Ilendmyaid". I hope I am not breaking any rules here by saying their name, if I am, please close this ticket and I will create another one where I won't mention their name. They shared my opinion and my thoughts and ideas about what could and should be implemented into the game regarding permanently banned accounts. Also, they advised me to share my thoughts here because they believed, just like I do, that things could and should change if my words come to the right people. If you're older than 20 years old, chances are that life has probably thought you that often you don't realize what you got until it's gone. Receiving a 14-day suspension saying that you will get permanent suspension in the future if you continue breaking Summoner's Code or ToU is nowhere near the same as receiving a permanent suspension. Only after you see those words saying that your account's been permanently suspended you realize how much you screwed up. I understand that a 14-day suspension or whatever penalties players received before that one were enough to change the behavior of majority of those players towards the game or/and the players, there are still some of us who wish to redeem themselves for not changing our behavior when we should've. You can make up for anything you do wrong in the vast majority of legal countries in the world and I believe that there should be a way to redeem yourself and your permanently suspended account. Here are my ideas. After you received your permanent suspension, there is a time period of 6, 9 or 12 months that needs to pass before you can contact Player Support Specialists. Then, you can request a trial period of a few weeks/months or a few hundred games where you are given an access to your account and you are once again given an opportunity to play. The IFS should closely stick onto your account, same as when you received 14-day suspension or even more if possible and it should track your every move. If somewhere along the line the IFS detects that you're continuing to break the Summoner's Code and/or ToU, it should ban you once again immediately and this time for good and without an opportunity to request a trial period of any kind ever again. So if you're permanently banned for using 3rd party programs and it detects that you're using them again, it suspends you, or if it detects that you're being toxic again in chat, etc. Once the trial period ends and you did not break Summoner's Code or ToU you are once again given back full access to your account, but you're still monitored by the IFS, but not as closely as in your trial period, or as close as before, both things will do the job the same. This kind of system distinguishes itself from the 14-day suspension because, unlike 14-day suspension, it gives player no room for ANY error whatsoever while teaching the people that they can make up for their mistakes and trespasses if they change the way they think and behave. Also, there's no way this system could fail because if permanently suspended players starts "trolling" again the IFS will instantly suspend them for good. It shows mercy rather than eternal banishment while being righteous to all other players. I've been told by the Player Support Specialists that if I am indeed changed that I can create another account and play there if I want to. If Riot is trying to keep permanently suspended players away from the game and community by permanently suspending their accounts, why are they being told to create a different accounts if they want to continue playing? Honestly, more people will continue breaking Summoner's Code or/and ToU when they create the new accounts rather than when they are given the trial period I mentioned above. Mostly because they know that they won't be permanently suspended instantly and they have the room to "troll", whilst in trial period they don't. This could also be fixed by telling the permanently suspended players to create a brand new account, level them to 30(?) and present them as their truly before requesting the trial period I mentioned above. Those accounts should also be "clean" and without any breaking of Summoner's Code or ToU detected on them before that player is give an opportunity for trial period. Please tell me what you think, any feedback is appreciated. Sincerely, Don Corleone
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