Time to say goodbye

Ok how to start.. I am quitting this game after almost 5 years , i will be short in reasons .. cant say main reason because this game is full of toxic ppl ,afk,trolls and rest .. Most i mean some part it is because of that but game itself is boring for me to play anymore , I had really bad pc and Lol was only game for me to play and now i got new one and Lol is ... something i will play maybe 1 game in months MAYBE , for me this game going wrong way, all that after making new rune so boring to find and make for your champ when they changing them all time (i use same from first day release) , players are same(and getting worst), hard to make good friends, had one she quit {{summoner:7}} Its really hard for me to find some reason to keep playing this game, last reason was trying get 2m MP with my main {{champion:25}} (love that champ) For solo players this game is really hard to keep playing , Riot most time release skins for same champ, new content is boring somehow i feel every year is same even they make change still this feels like nothing is changed.. Do not get me wrong i really want to play this game but after i play just one I JUST CANT play anymore ,i will no more active player like last 4/5 years maybe few games if they release some good skins but thats it. Really like this game, but i found new game for me (eso) and now just cant spend time on LOl , with new Pc they are so many games to play, but I will try to get back I hope something will change soon .. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Love u all (sry bad eng.)
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