Riot you cheeky little bastards

Well %%%% you Riot, my wallet doesnt like what you just did, your shop really hit it hard and in the right place. Im a suppurt main, who basiclly one tricks Nami, but i've been interested in few other champions, and most of them are here(actually all the ones i have interest in). I like bard and this is a really cool skin so im gonna have to get it. Soraka is my go to champion when my Nami gets banned so this is a no brainer choice. I like zyra, but i probably won't pick her up seriously, but this skin is 60% off and it's haunted zyra i mean cmon, what im i supposed to do? not buy it? next is lulu, while i already have the best lulu skin there was which is winter wonder lulu, but it's star guardian lulu, which is also good Nautilus is my go to jungle option and well this is a pretty cool skin and lastly it's Janna, star guardian Janna, god damn it. well %%%% you, %%%% you You win this time *unzips pants*
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