Possibly make a test on player reformation

So, i had my thoughts on this one day, I know people like me got permanent toxicity bans and there is no way to remove it unless it was accidental, I'm pretty sure people like us could reform and possibly become friendly players.. Of course toxicity comes from our childhood, how people mostly grown up, believe me toxicity doesn't come from no where unless a player has a big ego. Anyways back to the idea, simply just make a worthy reform system, and somebody out of Riot or just volunteers could monitor their games, and look out how did they perform on the games, their sports-manlike, did they flame again.. Of course, this will be something that not many would like to monitor their games.. But that's why it should be really worthy and prove that u really reformed on it.. Thanks for reading, I know not many gonna agree with it but It's something that could be implemented in the current game of state.
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