the game looks really sad right now

i really would suggest changing the launcher , "Co-op VS Ai" and then theres just 1 sad option because dominion and twisted treeline are gone unless riot plans to add something new to the Summoners rift bot game menu , they really need to change it i know riot only cares about ranked , and nothing else , but i am sure once aram also is gone , i will just not have much reason to play the game anymore , i dont like regular 5v5 nearly as much as fun modes , i remember back a few years ago where riot did mode rotation on weekends or something , why not bring that back , or just make aram have a sub option for poro king and howling abyss one for all its really sad that the game just removes content , rather than adding more , like , whats the harm of having a casual playerbase that prefers playing modes where you dont need to really pay attention since its not as serious as summoners rift ? in SR if i play awfully , i can ruin the game for my whole team , because my oponent will be fed and hard to kill , in aram , and also 3v3 to some extend (i won matches with bots before ) it doesnt matter {{sticker:cass-cry}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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