I`m sick of people comparing Plat to Silver!

Why people compare Platinum Elo to Silver. Now before anyone tells me , you say something like " Rage Plat Player" No, i was silver 5, exactly 5 mounths ago, now i am plat 1 on my way to diamond and i am not personally offended, but it gives me the feeling of diamond calling plats - silvers since they believe they are gods and silvers feeling good about themselves by truly believing that plats are as bad as silvers are. NO! I had a drastic climb over the last 5 months and i can tell that silver players have absolutely no clue about the important stuff in the game. Extremely bad decision making, have no idea when to recall, why to recall, how to roam, when to roam, they overstay and cost the game, because they get caught after min 30 + as adc in enemy jungle without vision. This happens literally every game. Difference between Platinum and Silver is that in Silver that happens absolutely every game, while in Platinum that would be 1 player and the throw wont be adc in enemy jungle, but most possibly the jungler or the support would get caught in our own jungle, trying to get vision. That is big skill gap between the tiers. And i might say people should not compare, especially 2 tiers difference. Because using the same logic. I personally as plat 1 have beaten Diamond 3 players. What does that mean ? Diamonds are worse then plats, plats are worse then silver and silvers and bronze are the same?!!?? Bronze= Diamond ?

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