New Server : Middle East- سيرفر عربي

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله .. اهلا وسهلا .. هذي المقالة تخص كافة العرب المهتمين في ( ليقو او ليجند ) والراغبين في الدعم لنشر الاسم العربي وبأنه اهلا لأن يمتلك (خادمه الخاص) .وايضا .. فيما سبق (قبل سنتين) تم نشر طلب بعمل سيرفر للشرق الاوسط ومع ذلك تم الرد عليه على انه امر صعب جدا حيث ان الامر ليس بمجرد مسألة جغرافية بسيطة وانما هي مسألة معقدة في ما يتعلق بإتصال الانترنت وكيف بأن تيار الانترنت لابد ان يعبر اوروبا ثم يعود الى الخادم .. مما يجعل ذلك معقدا في ايجاد المكان المناسب جغرافيا و مدنيا لتستفيك كافة مناطق الشرق الاوسط و العالم العربي بشكل عام من الاستفادة منه .. مع كل ذلك .. انا على يقين تام ان شركة (رايوت) متمكنة تماما من إيجاد حل لهذه المشكلة فهي من اغنى و اقوى الشركات في عالم العاب الاونلاين على النترنت .. وها هم قد قطعوا شوطا طوييل جدا في توسع لبعبتهم .. فانشاء خادم جديد ليس بالسهل ولكنه ليس مستحيلا ابدا .. فإن كانت اللعبة قادرة على الصمود و بجدارة خلال ال9 سنوات الماضية.. انه من الاكيد انها قادرة على حل هذه المشكلة ف (رايوت) اذكى من ان ترفض ذلك !! .. اتمنى من الكل ابدائ ارائهم و الدعم .. فصوتك يهم .. Hi This is about a new server needs to be installed in the middle east to serve Arabs and anyone lives in the middle east area in general .. We love league of legend, and we always will, but as a player started from season 3 and so many others started at early stages in season 1 and 2,We are really sad and disappointed, because we have always been waiting for the moment to hear about a new Arabic version of the game or at least a new server support the middle east area so that we kiss goodbye the 150+ ping !! but unfortunately no serious respond has been made from (Riot). I am aware of the 2 years old Discussion that was about the same topic, and I am aware of your response, and how hard it is to find the right spot to serves as much Arabs as possible and you used the Egypt example, where it would be impossible to serve both Saudi Arabia and Egypt at the same time with 1 server. However, Riot Games is a very successful company, and they strongly defeated so many problems and stand up over and over again along the years, and here we are always the most viewers in Twitch and the most played game in the year, Good For You Riot Games. The game has started more than 9 years ago, and yet they are still so strong and powerful, I strongly believe that such thing like a new server is nothing comparing to the great number of problems they had to solve earlier. So now it is safe to say that Riot Games are so smart and powerful to solve such an issue for a huge number of players in the middle east (Here is the discussion 2 years ago: Thank you so much for reading, your voice is important, please comment what you think and great things will happen. ^_^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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