How often does a sup get honored ?

Yes we all know riot update the honor systems. Yet when i play mid and i carry the team i got honor by others, and i usually honor my jungle because they ganked me which build up my lead in lane and allows me to roam other lane to carry. But when i play sup, for example last game i played zyra 9/3/24, i brought redemption{{item:3107}} first so can heal and protect my ally and i went for{{item:2301}} as my second item so we have vision. i have to be honest my adc{{champion:498}} was co-operating as well, so we came back from a lost game after 18 minutes and we start to roaming other lanes as well. we won the game eventually and i was rewarded with an s rank for a legendary zyra {{champion:143}} . But here is the problem, as usual i didn't get honored from any of team. And i started to think how often does a sup get honor in game ? Sup main out there please if you have time, fulfill my curiosity. TY
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