Forum posts = Upvotes wins

So I made a post around 2 weeks ago, which is still making noise. The reason it's making noise is cause of person got extremely upvoted even if his enitre comment was based around a false fact. And Those who tried to correct that extremely upvated comment, got harassed and hated upon by the all the people who upvoted that comment. Mods can you start to check into more posts and actually talk to the people who harass and bully people for explaining something is wrong? The facts ain't meant to be used as a lie. If I were a mod I would have closed that discussion. It's seriously starting to annoy me, seeing all those Bullying upvotes talking trash to the people who are the real heroes. Same goes for ingame, support are the real heroes, but the adc's and Yasuo's gain the fame even through they did 0 stuff but got a pentakill through 1 small ability.
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