The BM Behaviour of every certain Champion - Main in a nutshell #Part 1

{{champion:238}} Kills you - Stand's over you're corpse while spaming laugh , and showing his mastery Emote while using his Abilitys into the Air, and often dance together with the Shadow {{champion:245}} Get's Chased by 2 Man , Starts Dancing , and when you reach him he Ult's away while doing his Mastery Emote {{champion:84}} Standing on Corpse while she is doing her Taunt Emote while she dances , and don't forget the Mastery {{champion:150}} Practicaly just spamming the Dance and Mastery Emote , what isn't even Bm'ing because its cute af {{champion:7}} Already Bm'ing the enemy by beeing in a game {{champion:37}} Starts Dancing while showing Mastery Emote , and saying in all chatt ''Well , seems like my Skillchamp is just better than you'res (Insert random Skillchamp Here) {{champion:157}} mostly waits until you have like 100 HP left so he can ignite - kill you Killing you , spamming laugh , showing lv.7 Mastery Emote That's part one , now i have to analyze more player behaviour
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