Loss prevention for games that are griefed or cheated in.

We all have games where this one guy his internet is perfectly fine until 5 minutes in and he disconnects and is unable to join back in. Or this guy who goes 0/23 in 15 minutes. So my question is why is there no system that sees this and prevents the victims of these situations from losing LP? Why do players who really try to climb in the ranks get punished because someone else griefs their games? I mean if I go 0/23 in 15 minutes in a ranked game I honestly think I deserve to lose 75 LP in that one game and my team should not lose any LP. Maybe even get some LP as compensation for the waste of time. These games are not like TDM in a shooter-game that lasts 5 minutes. These games take up a lot of time. Certainly in low elo these games can drag out to over an hour. So riot why is this system in other games like CS:GO but not in League of Legends? If I make a support ticket asking why it doesn't exist, I get told that you can't. But you can. I don't see why not. If anyone thinks otherwise, please change my mind.
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