Eune vs euw

Ok so I’m eune player for like 4 to 5 years And I tried to play at euw for 3 months since I’ve being told the level there is higher Which was true The level of toxicity was huge 3 out of 4 games I got abused so much Now I’m low plat player I played in silver Elo Every single game I got trolls and abusers like literally But I gotta ask since I didn’t really try to reach higher elo on euw and just gave up since the toxicity was so high Which server is actually harder to climb to plat Eune or euw Put aside the abusers and trollers Fair games when everyone try their best I was in silver the beginning of this season in eune and I got to plat in few months And I didn’t feel any difference except the amount of trollers and abusers Maybe eune was a little bit more difficult at earlier silver and got easier? Since the higher Elo actually know what to do and follow someone who try to carry I never had this at eune for a whole 3 months even once And I played over 350 games I always had to close the game myself Either if it was ranked game or solo game I got from bronze 4 is where I started to gold 2 Eune was kinda harder and took me more and I started at silver 3 I think And I ended as plat I wanna know your opinion guys what you think (I played both accounts at the same time)
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