Permanently banned. Its redicilous.

Hey let me start of with the usual stuff that im not that big of a flamer nor do i deserve a perma. While i am indeed a flamer i've ive made HUGE progress into being less of a douchebag. And i succeeded, until, Riot started to place me in matches with the "watchers". Now let me say this. This is true and there ARE numerous individuals tasked with the job to partake in offensive player's matches and try their best to invoke a negative reaction from them. This may sound crazy but trust me this is the case. How do i know ? I've been banned 4 times now. There i said it, yes i have 4 permas behind me this is the 4th. I know these people exist. Infact most of you have most certainly stumbled upon them. They are usualy in a group of 2 or 3, sometimes 4 even. None of them will play properly unless the ocasion that they truly wanna have a league and not do this side job they have going on. Almoust all the time they will play poorly, some times on purpose and will wait until you type something they consider wrong, hopefuly for them (for whatever reason) wrong enough to write you of in their crummy list as part of the 0.006 % (realy who thinks of this sh*t ?) Other times they will flame you, in such a matter that will compel you to write back. They exel at this as they have been in almoust all of your games since you got blacklisted, probably your first chat restriction so they know what triggers you. The other one will be the quiet, evaluative type, that doesnt say anything all game and then urges calmly the enemy team to report you post-game screen. This is becouse their votes alone can rarely stand up a case, so they need reports from actual players. Anyway, this is not the reason im writing this. I dont task myself the goal to prove to anyone these individuals exist. The reason im writing this is that i have been wronged. This is the 2nd suspension of this account and its permanent. The first one was 14 days. This just isnt right, i have 1 warning and then i get permabanned ? Here is the chat that deems me of the 0.006%, of the worst players. Was there a ward actualy ? Wow You guys are slow Dont scare him wtf Your not ok man gj Im last hiting dont be a douchebag *At this point im of 4/1, i just died and Lucian is bashing on me, top lane has downed the enemy turret but is urging me to ""help him""???. Also i died to a 5/1 MF that was fed indeed by Lucian and his support so i say the following:* You guys are so bad give him 4 kills and then whe n i fuck up you dont miss to say thank you. *He says: Carry me faker" Im no faker but your pathetic ALW CMON *He says: What are you doing shaco"?* Hes 7/2 and you ask ME whats wrong. If it wasnt for you i wouldnt be having this predicament You are an idiot please stop talking to me it would be for the best *The last part was written to discourage Lucian talking to me becouse he was bumming the fuck out of me and on top of that was making me feel bad for something i didnt do. He was flaming me for no reason !* This game intentionaly places me in with people that will piss the fuck of me. From now on i will truly ignore everyone i ply with I would if it wasnt a mofo like that in every match Hes just trying to make me feel bad Its so pathetic Nice focus lucian Its gg /ff They dont have a single tank and u got BC just fml I will report him indeed *This message was sent to the only real player on my team Ahri who told the enemy team at the end that the guy was lying and infact he was flaming me and her all game* Its lost men Lucian has absolutely no dmg Damn i really didnt want my first league to be so bad Real damage lucian "response to his question of what he shouldve gotten" warded This lucian singlehandedly lost this *at this point im literaly being one shoted by the 1X/2 MF on their team. Literaly. Everyone is and Ahri starts flaming him" *At this point Ahri started talking how its his fault he overfed their adc and not mine and Lucian said "xx farm dont dare to flame me" to Ahri. This is the scummy tactic they use.* Thats right lucian I was 4/1 and u were 0/2 and u flamed me Now ur being a little bitch about it. Your one of the worst Lucian. *At this point he started talking complete nonsense as he had absolutely no arguement, like i said their only goal is to rustle your jimmies,and when u articulate yourself in such a manner they cant continue to bash on you they just shut the fuck up and wait for the next moment you die to say "gg" or "well done". You make no sense Your so bad Its unreal (Good thing we have Lucian on the team Otherwise you might have lost this) *Reply to the enemies "gg"* *Then Ahri i think it was that said it was a good game and i said: * It was before lucian decided to open his mouth. This is the entire chat of that game, my 14 day ban ended today and i had one game and i got perma banned. This. Is. Not. Right. I didnt wish anyone cancer. I didnt bash anyone for anything. This was a 40 minute game if not more. I have written so little and only 1/3 of it was in any way offensive, but DEFINETLY not offensive enough for a perma ban. The places ive depicted with *text* is explanatory. The "Your banned" message doesnt show what anyone else has said. I hope Riot can reconsider this ban and let me play.
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