Wondering: Why is it so hard for people to actually enjoy the game?

Hello! I'm playing league for quite some time now and was always at least trying to have fun there. During these years I have seen many people and I've made a conclusion: majority of players simply don't have fun. As in title, I was wondering: why is that? Why people are doing something they don't enjoy? I believe it's not like they are forced to play or something like that. Not having fun is the root of all evil we're seeing there: flame, ignorantion and basically every other sign of the negative attitude. I've always thought that video games, especially massive online productions like League are supposed to bring people together and to give a fun way of spending our free time. For me personally, thing I enjoy the most about League is a possibility to meet new people and make new friends from "all around the world", but sadly it's pretty hard to find someone in-game who isn't blinded by the constant rush for victory, resulting in being thrown away after two loses with that "friend". Have you ever met someone who seems to play this game as a form of a punishment? What do you guys think about this? Also, I'm looking forward to meet more people who are playing for because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to!
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