The Most Unusual "I Quit LoL" Thread

I am quitting league, not because of the terrible balance, not because of the removal of soloQ, not because I got banned, not even because we didn't get URF. I'm qutting league because I have no other option, my country's ISP decided to be extra nice and "stop supporting" online games. I was one of the unlucky people who can no longer play league, I tried everything, even VPNs don't help. I felt like ranting about said issue. To all people who can still play, I envy you. (PS: If someone got a fix pls tell me) EDIT: I see some fellow Egyptians with the same problem are commenting, if you are an Egyptian reading this and are/were suffering from the same problem please share your experience with us, some solutions that didn't work for some people could work with others.
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