Loosing streaks

Hello . First of all i would like to start that in no way i am complaining about my rank nor do i think that i should be higher . So to the point , i am playing ranked and i love playing it , problem comes when system obviously detects progress and in obvious and apparent way tries to stop it . To also clarify i am very aware that when i loose games that in some cases it can be lead and pinned down on me but , i am pretty much consistent and i play select few champions , but for some reason system just suddenly starts giving players who are toxic , trolls and very easy to tilt and whatnot . Fair and equal game i can win , but games where players feed uncontrollably and then despite that they take negative behaviour is just impossible to win. If you deicide to look at my match history , after succesful promotion i can not win ranked game and it is not due to me , In some games i have terrible score , or in most of them but numbers and statistics can't tell and explain whole story , from players who purpesfully feed and from players who have no interest in wining after things don't go their way i just can not win , I thought really hard on this and in most cases i blameed it on me but this is just way 2much . It has to stop and riot has to stop doing this things cause loosing games , loosing time with players who don't have good approach to ranked play and to purpesfully pit thos players in fair players team in order to ruin their chances to win is not test , its not skill , it is borderline bs.
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