can we have some changes in the reprt system ? read description~

ok first of all i know millions of players play league everyday but it still does not mean that you can add a bot which would just ban anyone if they get 4 reports, look if its banning someone can we plz take ACTUALLY ppl to review the chats and THEN ban players? i know millions play everyday but riot is a big orginization they can hire ppl to do such simple things, also plz can we stop with this extreme youtube style change of profanity rule plz? calling someone noob or saying wtf or saying omfg stop feeding plz should not be considered toxic, like plz its like its going from age 14+ to straight up 8+, i mean even saying stuff like '' oh %%% my life, can you plz for %%% sake stop going 1v5 and wait for team '' is toxic ? its like we are playing a game where we are not playing for fun but instead playing to not swear, thats all i want to say, also ppl might say why you even get 4 reports if you are not toxic or etc etc but i have seen way too many parties of 4 or 3 trolling other ppls and reporting them just for the '' lols '' this is not me ranting about anything, just my honest opinion that riot should seriously change their profanity filter settings on the automatic bot bans
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