How many of you actually 'enjoy' the game?

Lets be honest right now, I think its time to keep it real once again. I wonder, how many of you enjoy the game till this very day? If I speak for myself....honestly I dont enjoy the game anymore. I am quite busy right now with real life things that deserve my time way more than any game right now. But some years ago, I was more than willing to 'make' time for LoL. To me, its was worth it. I remember playing solo q and team ranked almost everyday. No matter how small or slow my climb was, it was still exciting. I remember playing team ranked with friends and beating teams that should be way better than us (at least in terms of ranks). The feeling was awesome... For some reason, I am just not willing anymore to make time for the game. Maybe its because I am slightly older, maybe its because the game changed a bit, I have no idea. What about you? Have you recently quit, but do you still find yourself on the boards? Or do you still play? If so, why? Is it for fun, or do you somehow feel pressured/forced to play LoL? I want to know it all. Edit: I never expected so many people to respond. Seems like this has become a place where people can 'vent' and share their opinion of the game 100%. I'd say, make use of this Rito.
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