The Lunar-Revel Pass is the worst thus far, if the passes continue like this I wont buy them anymore

I bought the Pass on the first day it launched, I have a full-time Job and University and managed to play 1 Win every day all Missions and on the weekends I actually grinded ARURF+(which feels like PVE, kill elder=win) and Ranked. I managed to get 800 Tokens. I got around 330-350 from the first win of the day. 110 from the shitty missions. The Rest from around 100 games mostly URF some rankeds. Here The flaws I have with this pass: WAY too few missions, compare it with all the other passes also the missions are so god damn lazy like just look at "Try your luck" win X games for f-ing 1k BE?! no effort was put into it. The red envelope Drop rates! LUNAR REVEL TOKENS DROP RATE 10 88.97% => got this the rest of them 20 10.00% => got this once 100 1.00% => someone might get this 150 0.02% =>??????? are you serious? This is like the Droprate of a CS:GO Knife and back then you could sell them for 300-400€ 300 0.01% =>???????????? Same here only worse could be a 1000€ CS:GO Knife I would change the drop rates and the Time you have, 28.1 => 5.3 is 36 Days! this is way to less time for a pass if you compare them to all passes thus far. 10 => 70% 20 => 20% 100 => 6% 150 => 3% 300 => 1% Else I don't have anything against the design time they did their Job amazing as usual, it's just the people that were in charge of the pass that did many big Opsies.
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