Prestige skins

*************** I keep paste this message in people threads that complain about the insane price that RIOT sell the prestige skin, 100+euros. So I decide to make a thread about it! *********** RIOT DO NOT SELL THE PRESTIGE SKINS! they don't cost RP ! you can't separately/directly buy them! Players that complain that they need to spend 100+ euros for the prestige skin got it wrong. The prestige skin is now free and given as a reward for people that invest money over the year to buy things like loot boxes from the shoop, it's not meant to get yourself broke, or sell your house or car so you buy loot boxes that you care or don't care about just to get that skin. Think at the the Prestige Points as fidelity points you get by buying loot and in the end you use those points to get FOR FREE a reward (the skin). You have cards to get fidelity points in supermarkets, at gas stations and other places. - You do your supermarket shopping and at paypoint you get some fidelity points (or whatever they are call in your country/city/area) base on the amount of your shopping cart price. - You fill your car with gas and gas station and base on how much you fill and pay you get fidelity points . With those supermarket or gas station fidelity points that you accumulate over a period you get discounts or free products (in gasations here use to be travel bags, football/volleyball balls and other summer beach things in summer), in supermarkets are pans, pots, oven trays and so on. Do you go in gas stations or supermarkets and protest in front of them and say why they have prices of thousand of euros to get a pot ? a travel bag ? or a oven tray ? . Or do you shop in supermarket for useless things or drive your car 24/24h and then fill the tank again and again just to get at the number of fidelity points that allow you to get that free item just because it happened to be a item that you like ? Prestige skins are same ! they are given for free (with fidelity points aka prestige points) if you keep shop for a long period of time, just you and others like you decide that just because you like them you need to have them NOW/instant so you calculate you need to spend 100+euro for loot just to get the points to get them! The prestige skins do not cost 100+euros same as a travel bag in gas stations that is given for fidelity points do not cost thousands of euros. The bag is given for free if you fill your car tank many times (which cumulate might be thousand of euros) same as the skin is give for free (with prestige points) as an reward if you keep support RIOT and buy loot boxes over time!
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