Rio's Banning system

Hi everyone,I made this disscusion because most of the banned players are banned because they were "Toxic",and I personally think that is pure shit,most will agree with my opinion,because half or more banned players are banned cuz they were toxic... Now a question to Riot: ARE U %%%%%%ED OR WHAT ? EVERY PLAYER HAS MUTE BUTTON,SO I THINK IT'S PURE BULLSHIT,EVERY PLAYER HAS THE OPTION TO MUTE THIS PERSON WHO IS TOXIC... Instead of that,start banning trolls and afks,they are the reason why someone flames,are u so stupid that u can't see that..??? I don't get it,and then u are asking why is ur game dying... I will say why: BECAUSE YOU ARE %%%%ING UNFAIRRR !!!! All of your bullshit like: "We treat all our players equally" is not true,u unbannedbppls who had been perma banned,so don't try to sink your game into shit anymore pls... And 1 more thing: I demand the returning of "Tribunal" so it can all be fair... Tha'ts all from me,thank you for your time,bye. 😊
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