Tilted with your matchmaking

Can you please, but really please, I`m begging you, stop giving me at least 3 people who are closer to mentally disabled state then noobish ? I understand when someone is noob and don`t know to play, I still don`t understand how the hell could I got such a person in my ranked game and, TBH, I would be by far extremely happy to get such a player in my team because I`m getting people who are MENTALLY DISABLED. How, you wonder ? Well, If someone is doing really bad, and if you give some advice to that kind of people how to play and how to manage a teamfight but they still are doing their own %%%%%%ed crap over and over again, and if that is what is happening in the last damn i can`t even count how many games in the row, then they are not noobs, they are really by any means mentally disabled. So, PLEASE, stop giving me such a teammates, that all I`m asking for.
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