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I want to make some suggestions for the game, because I really like it, it's an awesome game, but I think that in the long run can be boring, because it has very few game modes (and only one is played often), the events are all about the same, and we need some new champion mechanics to make the game more variable. Please consider that I want to make this suggestions just because I like the game, I think it needs some new unique things to become even more greater. I send it at the start of the season, so devs have time to think (and maybe work) on this suggestions for the next seasons. And last thing before jumping to the suggestions: I'm not english (I'm italian) so I can't speak english perfectly, but I hope it's all understandable. #CHAMPIONS First let's talk about new champions. We need some new champions with unique and gamechanging mechanincs, so the game will become more variable and enjoyable. I'm talking about unique mechanics like Yuumi's (no other champion can do what her W does), Ivern (I hope that it will be used more often), and others like that. These mechanincs make the game more enjoyable and less boring because the games will be different from each other if there are more champions with unique mechanics General Mechanincs Suggestions: -A champion that can stay at base and provide utility from there, with global abilities, and maybe he/she has a different way to be killed (if not, the enemies can gain less gold for kills during the game). Best if it's a support or a jungler (I'll talk more about this champion later). -A champion that it has to be used by two players together (it provides double the value of a normal champion, but he/she is worth double the gold and exp if killed, and it occupies two spots in the team). One player controls the movement and one or two abilities, the other controls the other abilities and the items. Difficult to play without communication but it should be very fun to play -A champion that has a pet (not like Annie or Yorick, is a pet present from the start), controlled by one of his/her abilities (for example, pressing Q will command the pet, like the R when Annie's Bear is summoned), some or all of his/her abilities should be in sinergy with his/her pet (I'll talk more about this champion later) -A champion that is not a single champion, but is made by multiple mini-champions, something like 3 yordles, that can be controlled one at a time or all together (I'll talk more about this champion later) -A champion that has 4 ultimates instead of 3 normal abilities and an ultimate. The ultimates are much stronger than normal abilities but has much longer cooldowns, so he/she has 4 strong abilities with long cooldowns, some upsides and some downsides -A big champion, that is slow but has a lot (and I mean A LOT) of health to compensate the slow movement speed. It can change the laning phase a lot with this characteristics, but it is my mission to add some variety to the game -A champion who's autoattacks don't do damage, but do some other beneficial effects, so it can change a little how the trades in the laning phase can be Now I'll talk about three of this champions more in detail. The first is the one that has a pet: -General concept: I think that the most fun concept can be that the champion is a marksman or a mage, and the pet is a tank(but they combined together should give equal value of another champion) -Passive: this champion has a pet that normally does what the champion does, but can be controlled with Q (for example command to attack or move), Q starts with one point at level 1 and can be leveled up to 6 points. When the pet dies, the champion gain some buff (based on the final concept of the champion) or maybe gain some health or mana. When the champion returns to the base (recall, death or just walk), the pet will be resurrected if it's dead -Q: order the pet to attack an enemy (if the mouse is over an enemy or an enemy structure), or to move to a certain point (can't go too far from the champion). Upgrading the Q will upgrade the pet's statistics -W: this can be an ability that give some buffs to the pet, or heal the pet. Or something more complicated, like a skillshot that starts from the pet, not from the champion, so it requires some skills to use properly, but it can be funny -E: this should be something that is not correlated with the pet. Something like a skillshot from the champion, that maybe give some debuffs to the target -R: if the pet is alive, give a massive buff to the pet for a short time, or if the pet is dead, resurrect it and do some aoe damage/debuff in the area it spawns -Final considerations: this champion can be funny to play, and it can be used for some new strategies, so I think it does my mission very well (giving some variety to the game) The second one is maybe the most unique champion in my list: -General concept: the three mini-champions are different from each other, one is a tank/fighter, one is a marksman/assassin, and the other is a mage/support, and they have stats and abilities according to their role -Passive: there are 3 mini-champions. If you left click one of them you can control just the one you clicked, or you can select more by moving the mouse while clicking (creates a square to select two or three of them). When one of them dies, the others alive will gain some buffs or regeration based on the one who died. If the tank/fighter dies, the other two (or one) alive will gain some health regeneration or a shield. If the marksman/assassin dies, the other two (or one) alive will gain some adaptive damage or attack speed. If the mage/support dies, the other two (or one) alive will recharge their cooldowns or gain some movement speed. If an enemy kills one of them, gain gold/exp worth a third of a hero, but will gain full gold bounty (if they have one). They can move everywhere in the map, even if they are far from each other, but they have reduced vision range. -Q: this is the tank/fighter ability. When you press Q, the tank/fighter will dash in the direction of the mouse until it hits an enemy or a wall (has a maximum distance), if hits an enemy, stuns him/her for a brief period of time. Upgraded: it passes through enemies and walls, and stuns all the enemies it has passed through -W: this is the marksman/assassin ability. When you press W, the marksman/assassin gains some attackspeed and/or attack damage and/or movement speed. Upgraded: I don't know, maybe more buff? -E: this is the mage/support ability. When you press E, the mage/support will fire a projectile in the direction of the mouse, until it hits an enemy (maybe has a maximum of distance, or can be blocked by monsters and minions, so it can be global but can fail to hit an enemy champion). Do some magic damage to the enemy hitted and heal/shield all the ally champions it passed through. Upgraded: doesn't have a maximum travel distance and it's not blocked by minions/monsters (so it's a global ability), and also heals/shields the caster -R: when you press R, you have to select one of the mini-champions. When you have selected one, the other two will teleport after the casting time near the one you have selected, and then they fuse into one champion, that is an hybrid of them, and has upgraded abilities. When the duration of the ability ends or when the player presses R again, they separate (they don't return to their original position). Leveling up the R will increase the ability duration -Final considerations: I think this will be a very difficult champion to play, but sure will be accepted well by high skill players, and it should be a funny champion when played in normal games And the third one is the one that stays at base: -General concept: this champion cannot move, and provide utility from the base. I'll talk about two possibilities of this champion, one is a support and one is a jungler -Passive (Support): whenever he/she shield/heal an ally, he/she send a fragment of his/her soul (or something, I don't know) to that ally. That ally regenerates health and mana over time, and have some buffs. When this ally dies, also this champion dies. If you use item active abilities when an ally have your fragment, these abilities are casted from that ally. This ability has a duration (maybe also a cooldown?). All statistics gained from items that this champion doesn't need (health, mana, attack speed, etc.) are converted in ability power and/or cooldown reduction, or maybe increase all healing/shielding -Q (Support): select an ally, that ally is healed and/or shielded, and has bonus armor and magic resistance for a short time -W (Support): this is a global skillshot, it's a projectile that slows and damages every enemy champion that passes through, heals/shields the first ally hitted, and leaves a path for some second. Every ally inside the path has movement speed increased -E (Support): this creates a zone, that decreases all the damage dealt (enemy and ally) inside it. Maybe can have some other unique effect, I don't know. -R (Support): target ally is healed/shielded and buffed for some seconds. The buff can be something like this: more movement speed, more attack speed and some cooldown reduction -Passive (Jungler): you can control a lantern (or something), moving in the map and creating vision around it. The lantern has a percentage of your max health, and your full movement speed and defences. Enemies can attack the lanter, and your abilities are casted from the lantern (just like a normal champion). If the lantern dies, another one is created at base. If all your lanterns dies, you die. You start with 1 lantern when you spawn, and gain 1 lantern whenever you kill an enemy, a drake or a baron (there is a max number of lanterns, maybe 5). -Q (Jungler): you fire a projectile that deals damage and reduces magic resistance of the target. If it hits a monster or a minion, the duration is doubled, and your lantern becomes immune to damage from minions and monsters during the duration. -W (Jungler): this is a global skillshot, that starts from the champion, not from the lantern. It's a projectile that damages and slows all enemies that passes through. Every enemy hitted after the lantern, suffers more damage from this ability. -E (Jungler): this creates a zone around your lantern, that damages enemies inside it, and after 2 seconds pulls to your lantern every enemy champion inside it. You can activate again this ability before the time ends, to throw enemies back instead of pulling them. -R (Jungler): you sacrifice your current lantern, to create another one somewhere in the map after some seconds. If was your last lantern, you don't lose it. If wasn't your last lantern, when it's created, it damages and roots all the enemies near it, and it's invulnerable for few seconds. -Final Considerations: I think that this can be very challenging to one trick, but can give very nice rewards. I admit that I like more the jungler one, but the support one also seems nice on paper #GAME MODES Now I'll talk about some ideas for new modes. We need some new gamemode to play (not like TFT, this is basically a separate game, and not like Twisted Treeline, it's too similar to the main gamemode). Some concepts for new gamemodes: -A single player mode, one that every month (or every 2 or 3) changes. It's a piece of story of a champion (so you can use the big lore of league of legends for something directly in the game), so the player uses the story's champion, and has one or more quests, in a large map. The champion can gain levels and gold killing monsters, and at the end of the mini-story, there's a boss (a champion or a big monster, or also a big horde of monsters). There's two ways to do this: by having a game that can be completed in 20/30 minutes, and maybe can be replayed with higher difficulties, or a longer one (a total of 5/10 hours of gameplay) but there are points where the player can save the game to return to it another time. This can give some rewards if completed, something like some blue essence, a chest/key, or maybe a special skin for that champion (if completed at max difficulty). -Some pve modes, where the players team up against some monsters. One mode can be an assault-like, when the team have to conquer a base or something, fighting monsters and even AI champions. Another mode can be a survival, where the team have to defend a place or just themselves from hordes of monsters, and some hordes are a boss horde, or have some AI champions with the monsters -A different pvp mode. Maybe one that has no teams, but everyone is against everyone, in a large map, with random objectives and equipments around the map. Maybe another one similar to the Summoner's Rift, but has 3 team, and the bases are in a triangle, with some minor objectives at the three corners, and a big objective at the center. This can be a very challenging and variable mode, and should be funny to play. Another gamemode can be a 1v1 map, where the rules of the duel can be set before starting the queue. And another gamemode can be a classic 5v5, but every time you die, you have to change (chosen or randomly) the champion, and you lose all the items and gold (not the level). At the start of the game, every player selects 5 champions, so every team have a champion pool of 25 champions. Every time a player change champion, the champion lost cannot be used again by the team. So the game it's lost by destroying one Nexus or by killing the enemies 25 times (they don't have other champions to use) #QUESTS Last but not least, let's talk about daily quests. At the moment there is only the "First Win of the Day" quest, and some quests during the events, but they can be completed even without reading them. They should be more than one per day (maybe 3 per day, and a big one per week), not the same for every player (so chosen randomly) and they should be more unique and more "difficult" to complete (not just "play 5 games"). So every day there's a reason to play, not just for doing the First Win of the Day (someone doesn't even do that every day). The rewards can be very little, the quests are needed not for the rewards, but just for having a little objective for the day. Some examples for the quests (if a player doesn't have the character required it can be done by playing some games, or can be changed for another one): -Root 3 enemies with one use of your Ultimate with Yuumi -Gain 15 stacks in one game with Cho'Gath -Do 25 assists in one game as a Support -Win a game with a Kills/Deaths of 2 or more -Play at least one game in every position -..... #LAST CONSIDERATIONS Remember that I want to make these suggestions not because I don't like the game, or because I think that I'm better than the developers (I'm not, they created this awesome game), but just because I love the game, and I want it to become the best game of all times. The devs can use these suggestions as they like, I won't ask anything if they use some (or all) of them. If you have read until here, well...thank you for you attention, and I hope that some of these suggestions can be useful (especially the 3 mini-champions :D, I really like it). If you like this suggestions, upvote so the devs will more likely see them, or if you don't like this suggestions tell me why. Thank you, Fraidei
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