Unlucky mentality

He can just click 'I agree' after inting and leaving the game, causing all of us to lose LP and be stuck in a 20 min game while he can jerk off somewhere else because the system will not punish him. Even if it does, it's going to be just a leaverbuster, while the rest of us are just gonna continue probably playing tilted as %%%% with a ruined day just because of this shit mentality. He complained about match making as 800 games and 100 lp GM matched with D1 smurfs, inted and left the game. Like, i don't want to play higher elo games at all. I don't want to wait 5-10 min queue to probably get autofills or someone with crap mentality like this that goes afk or decides to 'powerfarm' entire game so the system doesn't detect him. There is no point in climbing because you can't play a decent game there. It's aids on so many levels. Just move to another server. EUNE is trash and a garbage server filled with animals. At least the games are playable on EUW in these ranks. Holy crap im tilted.

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