50% winrate forcing in ranked

First of all, I know this might sound a bit tinfoilish, but I need to vent this out somewhere. I've noticed that majority of season 8 and obviously this preseason is destroyed with rigged match making. For the last 8 months the structure of my queues has been way too similar thoughrout the months to be mere coincidence. To me, it seems that climbing has been made extremely hard for player in a way where one might have 2-3 wins and get teamed up with player who either int, afk, troll most of the match or a toxic combination of all of those. I've written around 200-250 reports this season and all of them have been for a good reason, I've played this game since beta so I feel like I have a good eye for someone just having a bad game (happens to all of us) and someone who either tilts early, is already tilted or just trolls for the fun of it. It's so predictable that I can already call my next matches after getting 2-3 victories and climbing a whopping 18-22lp: First game MOST LIKELY the adc will destroy the game intentionally, then its a top lane or 2 different lanes, third one is a coinflip. After losing 3-5 games I get either a troll in the enemy team or in some rare cases I might have a real match with everyone playing for the victory, those matches are either win or loss, AS IT SHOULD BE. I have been stuck in G4 (previously g5) for months now on 2 accounts, both suffering from the same seemingly rigged match making which forces 50% winrate at all cost.
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