A difference between paid mods and mods that aren't paid

NA try to be professional and EU mods don't even try. Examples NA mods ban messages: http://i.imgur.com/2LiUIvj.png It's informative and they show you what post/thread was removed EU mods http://i.imgur.com/IBS3e8F.png http://i.imgur.com/hn3qa7c.png On the second image it says that i spammed and flamed. Yes i spammed but it was just some symbols that bugged the formatting but i never flamed any one. They don't even post what thread/post got removed because most of the times the bans aren't even deserved and these idiot mods don't want us to have proof that the ban was unfair. The first image is from another perma banned gd'er called lajneen and yes he is known for being a jerk but that ban message is dumb as fuck.
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