I personally enjoy Preseason

Because, you can try things out and play a little trolly just to see what will happen. I like all the changes Rito has done and i know im not alone. I made this post as an equivalent to all the other posts who completely disagree with the current state of the game. For all the tryhards out there i will say, look guys Tryhard-Mode is over, Season 5 is over, Rankeds doesnt matter. The whole Game right now in all its form is a testing Ground for us, the community, to see what crazy stuff Rito is planing for us in the future. I am sure Mages arent dead, nor are any other roles its just played differently and we have to figure out how. Beneath all these cute Teemo and Ahri skins, this is an E-Sport competitive hardcore game where YOU have to figure out how to be the best at it. While we Europeans QQ, i bet the Koreans are allready trying to figure out OP-Combos and Niche-Plays, so maybe less QQ and more FOCUS? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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