A shitty post about the French hate.

Hi there, at first all my apologizes about all mistakes you will find here, as you understand English is not my main language and as you know French are reputated for being ~~pro~~ bad at this. Anyway thanks to eveyone who managed to not already close this window. It's difficult to deal with this subject, I miss a lot of vocabulary and I already have some peoples writting some douchebags things but yeah, I playing LoL since season 2, I should have 12-13 years old something like that. So when I started, I spoke English basically, trying to understand what they saying to me and from this, anytimes I played, I see the word " French " linked to all the hate in the world. We can notice that LoL is a game, so yeah you will find every kind of people, but mostly teenagers and young adults. These people are not the more diplomacy. There's some countries where learning English is more easy than others. I was for example shocked to share a discussion with a 5 years old children in English from the Nederlands (maybe a particular case dunno). Because they are accustomed more earlier than us, because they will find many more situations to speak/read/impregnate it. In France you practise English in school and... well you find English in music and yeah you don't speak English that much.. 2-3 hours per weeks, you don't need it on a daily basis, and you have these looooong holidays (2 weeks for Christmas, Easter Eggs, and the two big months for the summer). Seriously, I couldn't handle a long conversation (15min+) on any subjects with an English person before my 16-17 years old (and I'm very nice when I say that). Every South countries in Europe will have more difficulties to learn English than in the North. This is my opinion. BUT, these things are changing, I have the feel that these young French currently at school will be better than us. With the internet's evolution, they can easily reach some English contents, on Youtube, on Facebook, it's stupid but maybe these thousands of videos about anything are really helpfull to impregnate the English. Let's move now on the main subject, of course speaking English is not the main problem. When I play, the main problem is these peoples who judges me on my nationality. We lived in an open-world, I mean, you can find every kind of peoples anywhere. You will find some intelligent people as douchebag in every countries. What I don't understand is these peoples who thinks that being French is permanently linked to being a douchebag. I already met some French haters, flaming me without any reasons, but should I feel to be like them ? No. These people are French right, but they don't share the way I want. I also find some haters from differents countries, but should I judged them because they're Deutsch, Spanish or Italian ? No, I judged them on everything they do and say, not on the country they belong to. I hope for all people hating French to find the good one. I won't defend a French patriotism or anything like that, I just want you to realise that the country doesn't define the person you met. This person has been influenced by the social environment he lived in. So maybe we could say majority of French players are belligerent, I can't contest that, and I'm furious to see that almost everyday. I think the border between teasing and disrespect is pretty bigger for us, for example it became very famous to call someone a " son of a beach " (not it's not intentional kappa) for any reasons (yeah it's stupid). Well, I can't express to you what I mean, it's too simple, don't judge a person on his country. If a French flamed you, you can say he's a douchebag, a dumb, there's many words to represents that he actually is, it's true if you call him " French ", but what the fuck. Why do you put THIS SHIT in the same bag than a 66millions+ ihnabitants. Do you really think that we are all the same ? We are like any countries, we have differents ideas, differents way of life, differents points of views. My neighbour isn't the same as me, so why all the French should be the same ? Fortunately, the majority of people blaming French don't find any others arguments and just call you " French ", somewhere I'm thinking these people are dumb as our French haters, these people are similar. Finally, because this discussion leads nowhere and because I've nothing much to say.. Well I'm not a saint. I have flamed, I've been also, sometimes I was right, other times I was wrong. Sometimes I've been the worst shit ever, but that's not because I'm French, that's because I'm a shit. 037.
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