Muted players

I looked up some tips on how to climb, how to avoid losing, how to not get into a losing spree etc and one tip that was noted multiple times was: Mute everybody/mute people after the first thing that could be toxic I didnt really want to do this, because i value that one time that we do communicate through chat more than the tpxic things said there. (because im affraid i miss out on important things they say and especially if that could lose us the game or smth) Now i actually wonder: if you mute a player, can they still hear you? I do want to try the mute method out to win more games but i still like to say things like: "vayne no flash 13.32" or "jung seen at drag" or "please ward so i can tp gank" because i feel like a ping doesnt say enough. Somebody got an answer?
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