About the random loot envelopes...

So basically I could've made this post before but I wanted to open all of them first. Long story short, I got 10 tokens without anything else from all of them. I'm not writing this post to whine about it, it's just that I think that making the loot % chance based is a bit unfair. I have bought the passes for both the worlds and the winter event so I didn't really appreciate the missions before, but I'm pretty sure you were able to get more than just one orb's worth of tokens. Correct me if I'm wrong. So since I wasn't paying for this event's pass I decided to give the missions a closer look, and oh boi was I frightened when I saw the % chances. Look, I understand that you don't want to give out too much free stuff, but we got 10 or 11 envelopes, and I for one should've gotten at least and 20 token one or one bonus based on the chances, but I didn't. In my honest opinion this whole randomized loot should not be touched again because it's just another way of cutting corners when it comes to the aspect of free loot. I don't want false hope generated by big numbers like get 300 tokens but you have a 0,01% chance for it... Give us a flat 20 tokens for a mission if the numbers will be the same, because I'm sure everyone would be happier with 100 guaranteed extra than with the 1% chance of getting 30 extra or something. Feel free to share your thoughts on this event's system.
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