A challenge to each player / member of the community

Riot has made a good game, but they can't make it fun; that is up to the community. I've been playing LoL for about three years now, and although the game is constantly improving and is more awesome than ever before, it seems to have lost something precious over the years...that which made it truly fun to play. And I've realized that its not a change Riot has made, but a change in the general attitudes & behaviours of the community; if there's anything wrong with the game, it's us, the players! Report systems and gameplay changes can't fix this, but we can...so please, if you read this, take it seriously and take an honest look at you own attitude in-game, and please let's all make that effort to make this game fun again! What do I mean by all of this? Well, consider the following: **1) **Most importantly, **PLAY FOR FUN!** This is a game; your life and future career aren't in the balance, so stop acting as if they were. Think back to when you first started: what made this game fun? Was it to see how professional you could become and all the related stresses, or was it simply playing to have fun, regardless of score and whether you win or lose? It was the latter, of course! Why have we lost that?? Our "professional" attitudes are placing unnecessary stress on ourselves and other players, and thus taking out the true fun of LoL. If you're really serious about ranked, then that's fine. But don't let it consume you, and try unranked sometimes. Try new champs and builds, laugh about that really bad teammate instead off flaming his butt off, relax, have fun! _I'm not saying you should troll, and you know it :P_ **2) Raging/flaming:** Honestly, if you think about this logically you'll admit that it's unnecessary and just plain petty. Typing off a dozen different ways to call a guy noob won't help at all! -_If someone is unskilled:_ Why not be a but more patient with them and try help them instead of constantly threatening them? Instead of flaming at them, give them tips. If they're really bad and cost you a ranked game, then report them for unskilled, but leave it at that; you needn't constantly bash them and ruin the game for them, do you? Also, be understanding...EVERYONE, no matter what division you are, was a bad player at some stage; and everyone, even the pros, has bad games sometimes and make mistakes. -_If someone trolls/purposefully feeds:_ Give them a warning that you'll report them. If they don't listen, then simply report them...don't go on a raging spree which helps nothing; heck, that's probably the kind of response they want. **3) Respect for other players:** Guys, really! If the enemy team does good and wins, it's simply because they're better than your team! Is that so wrong? Can't you acknowledge that they're good instead of blaming a loss on your team? Don't rage at teammates for not being as good as the enemy. Respect the enemy, respect your team...it's not that hard ;) **4) ** Lastly,** have some decency!** I've seen so many ridiculously vulgar stuff said over chat. If you want to be like that, then keep it to yourself! LoL is a public domain, and there are sensitive players and even children playing this game; let's respect them. The chat doesn't block everything, so please watch what you say and keep it a pleasant environment for everyone. To close off: this dark world is full of brokenness and pain. Why not try to rise above that; be the light it needs! A simple kind word might make someone's day, whereas 30 minutes of constant raging can break a soul. I know this sounds cliche, but it's true, isn't it? I'd love to hear your thoughts (that's right, Imma read yo minds!)
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