Am I the only one who thinks that Riot could make other things than games?

Genuinely my favourite part about League is the character design. Each of them feels so unique (not talking about gameplay, I'm talking about the characters themselves), and the lore behind most of them is just great. Another thing exceptionally good about Riot are their cinematics. They really are on another level, the models, animations, everything is just so perfect. And they also proved that they can make good music. A friend of mine likes K-Pop, and she said K/DA Popstars is one of the best K-Pop songs she's ever heard. I'm a metal fan myself and I have some of the Pentakill songs on my playlist, because they are also really cool and have high quality. Songs like Rise or Awaken are just very enjoyable to anyone, regardless of what kind of music you're into. I feel like Riot could be so much more than just Riot Games. Yet the main thing their doing is creating a game, which is enjoyable to play, no questions about it, but honestly I feel like out of all the teams Riot has, balance team is the weakest. Yeah, I get it that it's impossible to perfectly balance 143 champions, but sometimes it doesn't even feel like they're trying. On the other hand all the teams I mentioned above are doing a perfect job, so I don't get why Riot doesn't go ahead and create a movie or something. They pretty much have the highest quality of everything they would need, an exciting lore with outstanding characters, gorgeous models with smooth animations, music. And yes, I realise that it's way more effort to create a movie than a short cinematic, but I'm sure the revenue coming in from the movie would easily make up for all the time and money put into it. Honestly it feels like a waste that their teams are so good at everything except for balancing game and fixing bugs/crashes, yet their main objective revolves around a game. What do you guys think? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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