Why do you play games? Help for my essay

I am currently a 3rd year student at University and I decided to explore that topic of "Why do we play games". For my essay, I need some quotes as evidence when i'm making a statement so I decided to make a questionnaire. I'm a pretty socially awkward person so I'm a bit hesitant to ask random people at my University. So I thought, who's better then to ask the millions of user that play LoL that most likely play other games to help me out a bit. You don't need to give me a in-depth description or a whole paragraph when answering said questions but you are more then welcome to if you feel you have a lot to say. You can even just give a simple "No, I only play LoL" kind of answer. 1. How often do you play games daily/weekly e.g. _"I play for 4-5 hours a day" or "I play around twice a week"_ 2. What genre of games do you play? _(MOBA will most likely appear a lot as this is a LoL forum)_ 3. Do you prefer playing single player games or mulitplayer games? 4. Do you prefer to play in groups or solo? 5. Why do you play games? _e.g. answer "I play games because my friends play it" or "I play games because of the really in-depth story and character development" _ 6. Would you say playing games is bad? _e.g. "Its an even balance, I play it to relieve stress or just for fun but it does sometimes get in the way of me completing work"_ 7. As a gamer, do you feel hesitant to reveal to other people that you play games? 8. When playing a certain game, do you play as the character? or do you separate yourself from the games virtual world? _ e.g. "When I play Hanzo in Overwatch, I sometimes feel that his bow and arrow is an extension of myself. Though I understand it's not real, I attach myself to the character I am playing and become one in some sorts. So I even move my head to the side when peaking around a corner in real life."_ Thank you to anyone who decides they want to help me. You are really helping me when you answer this questionnaire as it provides research evidence and gives me a boost when grading. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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