How do the pbe invitations work?

so um.. i've been signed up for a pbe account for a while now (not sure how long, i don't remember when i signed up for it) and im not getting any kind of a response, my friend signed up last month and got it, i thought if u had a lot of bans and idk reports that u can't get one.. but he got much more bans (dunno about reports), he used to get them as fast as he finished them xD i mean that 5 times ban of 20 min or something, and only kind of a ban he didn't get a lot was chat restrict that was once >.< anyway im happy for him, and im just wondering how did he get it so fast o.o did my application get lost or am i not qualified? ( i did get bans 2, but not as much as him for sure.. )
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