Opinion from a player that played this game for over 7 years.

This game is not for me anymore. If you think of posting "no one cares", I'm aware, no one cares, I'm here just to say what I think, for those that wish to read and know an opinion from an old player. We are in 2019, 140+ champions, the new players will run away seeing how little you earn after level 30, it takes more time to get 3 high priced champions than riot takes to release another champion. Ranking is a clown fiesta, now with the new changes it will give players ptsd and all those new anger problems that will soon be invented, cause riot will create a new type of brain damage or some kind of problem because of this. I remember how this game used to feel, you could do a penta, and the enemy team would be impressed, you earned the right to win. Farm wasn't a top priority. People would be friendly, they weren't linked to forcefully win a game. I'm talking about you, first win. Why is it called first win, not first game? People are forced to play bot games cause some don't have time. At this moment, if you gave me the option to choose from jumping into a vulcano or playing ranked, I'd jump inside the vulcano, less flame. I still love this game, but it's time to get moving, I'm in love with the idea of what this game could be, not what it is. It's like a girlfriend/boyfriend that after you got together, everything was cool, then he/she changed, and years went by, and she/he still didn't change. Same here, it's time to let go, in my case. The rewards keep making me come back, just to realize they do nothing to me, not in game, not in life. But they hook me hard, that's the gambling addiction that they wanted to implement, to make you get hooked. It's time for me to say NO. Another problem, they still don't offer you a darn refund per year. Not even ONE. The shop works great, taking your money from your bank account works fast. Shops give you 1 BE capsules from time to time, that you can get in 1 minute what others got in 5 years. It's ok, I get it, not mad, but it's still a problem, regardless of what everyone feels or thinks, and I'm not going to ask them to punish anyone, I and maybe you, the reader, would do the same. Investing money into this game, to get what? More skins and champions, while you guys are doing nothing about performance and stability? I would stop pushing so hard on skins and champions. For the behemoth you are in the industry of gaming and esports, it would take you less that 3 months to fix everything. Do you think we would have not waited 3 months? Just enable mods and make mini-events meanwhile, so we won't get bothered, if you're so worried that in the time you do that, we don't run. This is too long, but, conclusion is, I'm saying good bye to the community, it's time for me to take my life seriously, grow up, start my own life! It was fun, maybe, when I'll grow older, have more time, and the game will still stand, I'll gladly join you back, just to get my first heart attack while playing ranked and getting flamed! Hats off to everyone who was nice to me, and who was bad to me, and who I was bad to, I apologize for that. Here's to you, League of Legends, my love for you will stand, but we must part!
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