Need help with ranked

Hello. I am a player that is in need of huge help right now about ranked in league of legends. So ever since I started playing ranked 8 months ago I have always had problems with my team. Ik it's a noob excuse but hear me out. Junglers flaming you for not winning lane even tho they didn't even help when you called them are just the thing every second game. And then I decide to go JG I do well gank every lane and woops defeat. Skip forward couple of days and i went from silver 1 95 LP to S3 0lp in less than a week. Wow thanks league. I am in desperate need for tips on how to get back there. I have tried everything but I just can't win no matter what. I go top JG or bot feeds. I go jg bot or top feeds. I go bot top always feeds. Don't get me started on mid too. And don't forget. FLAMING ALL GAME LONGGGGG I am really considering to leave league because of this If anyone has any suggestions on how to get to gold from here till the end of this season please kindly help me Thank you
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