Goooooo' mirning everybody! \o

\*tired pet hug* \\(^-^)/ How you all doing? I'm definitily more on the tired side atm, I got tired around 21:30 yesterday, even managed to convince myself to go to bed 22:00, ended up talking to someone till 00:00. >.<' Guess it was worth tho, has been ages since I wanted to stay awake simply for talking, or simply managed to be entertained enough by talking to do nothing else. And well, atm trying to wake up, not having enough time to get a shower before I gotta catch my bus like I wanted to. but I guess that got time till afternoon. (#unhygienic) And just typing away at this I pretty much clicked a random link in youtube, but turns it I quite enjoy it: (At least the later part that's ncie and calm, and yeah, I know, One piece again, deal with it. >.>) But lets move on to the usul things we discuss: #How was your last week? During week, nothing much worth mentioning I'd say, weekend was chaos pure, partly because URF, partly because of drama. I ended up playing way more URF than I intended, to a big part AD Malz, but at the end the actually really awesome combo of Jhin + Heartplosion. Seeing lots of complaints about "omg only a few champs viable in comparison"... I can only say, I played quite some different champs, and I felt I had a decent chance with most of them. While aswell seeing a lot of champs in my game that seemed decently strong. What I did learn tho, appearantly simply for the fact it's URF, I'm not allowed to try to backdoor, nor to push or roam well, because that clearly makes me a tryhard, and not someone who simply plays the game. (I guess I did CS a bit much and maybe I should have stopped poking in lane...) As for the dramma, not gonna say much as that's a more private thing, but I think I can say that it turned out quite well. Not sure if the others got what they wanted (partly from what I've heard) but I happened to get more than I ever expected. (Which was to a big part to just get away, because drama can be hella tiring at times. v.v) Always love hearing how your guy's week went, so keep sharing it as always. :* #What are your plans for this week? I personlly... well, survive today, start to actually work at getting decent in this game, survive the rest of the week, see if any further drama development happens, and if everythign goes well, get back into Lux. (cus she's handsdown the single most awesome champ in this game) Currently considering to start playing Dark Souls, kinda always wanted, but the PC controls kinda... erg. <.< So either I'll get a controler, or it is said that DS3 has better PC support, isn't it? Maybe someone could share a bit there. :3 And finally plan my vacation, which most people seemed to do like 2-3 months ago. On that note, I met a 'what could be' boyfriend, so that makes me all so much more happy I guess. :3 ----------------------------------- But that's that, I gotta wush off to my bus now. Have an awesome day all of you awesome peeps!
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