Improve your bloody ban system

What the %%%% is the point in having a %%%%ing a report function to report people for other then "being toxic", when it doesn't work! Its good having the function there, with it having little to no impact what so ever. Also what's the point in sending a ticket with some one clearly trolling/inting with evidence to get the same stupid response. Flamers are the not the %%%%ing problem anym%%%% trolls/inter/afk's are the problem and get 0 punishment as long as they don't say a word to trigger the bot. Its getting to the point where i'm constantly forced to dodge a game or lose the lp. Fix the system or don't have one what so ever. like it is very rare for some one to get banned for destroying your game as long as they don't hit the bot check list. The matter of the fact still stand you're getting more perma bans for being toxic, yet still playing the game and trying to win then Trolls/Inters and feeders who are just there to make you lose lp. You have more chance of winning a game with a toxic player, then some who's trolling.
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