Dont play ranked.

Well you wonder why not to play ranked games right? 1.Coin flip teams (from 5 games you play atleast 20 players will be smurfers from 45 players not counting yourself) 2.People dont care about it in higher elo (either troll or rage quit the game usually a smurfer does this in 80% of the time) 3.I dislike that smurfing from this season is like the priority for high elo players If i was Challenger tier i would rather go for rank 1 than to smurf on like 10 accounts and get Master tier on them and thats like WOW contect for streamers , thats boring content in my opinion. Sad stuff from Riot who made this ranked sistem and sadly the game for me is going to die soon if they dont fix this,before it was fine just a bit of corrections to autofill and nothing more. Fix the game.
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