What do you play beside League ?

######I have just requested for perma suspension after 8 years because I genuinely have no nerves for this game no more so .. #What are you playing in your free time beside this ? Money is not a problem here, not at all but Pay to Win games are not for me. And no Battle Royales, please :). I was thinking about TESO Online with all DLCs, tried a bit on free weekend and it was fun but first hours are fun pretty much everywhere. Dont know if its worth or its going to become repetitive or squad-dependant. If any of you own it, Id like to know your review. Also looking for any Call of Duty-like game, meaning weapon upgrades, leveling, tons of maps and game modes, just not Call of Duty that costs $1M to get everything, like in the past 6 years -_- . Or Story rich FPS/RPG/Strategy/Telltale stuff, geez, there is so many to choose from but I just cant decide. Thank goodness E3 was full of sick games, incl. Doom Eternal, Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus and Cyberpunk 2077. So there is gonna be a lot to play in the upcoming years but I need something before "I get medieval on my wallet".
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